My GSOC Mentorship

I applied as a GSOC mentor for the first time. I’ll be mentoring Gentoo/Java IDE integration project. I’m personally interested in this project since I use Eclipse for Java development on my Gentoo box and I think many people like me can benefit from the outcome. Although I’m not a Netbeans user, the same applies for it as well. Yes I’m tired of defining user libraries (additionally pointing to their sources, jni libs, javadocs)

So let’s see if anyone applies for this project (A few already contacted by mail)


2 Responses to “My GSOC Mentorship”

  1. Samu Voutilainen Says:

    Not really related, but…

    I’d like to get Jambi ebuilds up to date. There isn’t really stable ebuilds, but there is some stuff that needs to be changing and work of getting jambi compiled against system qt properly, so upkeeping ebuild should be pretty trivial task.

    Juic(and because of it examples) won’t be compiled without uic files somewhere, which means either extracting them from qt package, or what I’d hope, having separate package for uic(or some package atleast) and use flag to install those needed headers(and atleast one source file) in tree too.

    If interested, for more info send me mail.

  2. Mike Lothian Says:

    Is there any change we could get icedtea included into portage, we shouldn’t need to goto an overlay to do things the Gentoo way IMHO

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