Status of Gobject Introspection for Java-GNOME

With the wide adoption of GObject Introspection (GIR for short), and to overcome the limitations (such as being static,  needing manual update of defs files leading to error-prone and out-of-date code generation) the current defs file based parser started to work on GIR based one to replace (or at least accompany it) it. Back in May.

I had 2 paths in the beginning. Parsing the .gir XML files and using girepository API. I initially started with the former but decided with the latter forseeing that XML parsing would be too fragile for changes and too hacky to code (well I ended up having some hacky code with the latter as well 😦 but anyway)

In the current state it works OK for most cases. Still have false generated code both arising from not fully parsing GTypeInfo to string (which I filed bug #628812 for direct inclusion) , missing (or at least I think) functions (Bug #630062), missing coverage (not yet parsing vfuncs which are mapped to signals in java-gnome) and faulty/missing gir data.

So the future is GIR, but still both the bindings developers (us), API developers and GIR developers should improve the current status for robust bindings. Follow up for the progress.

Further addition: It was revealed that API provided function to parse parameterized G(S)List types.


2 Responses to “Status of Gobject Introspection for Java-GNOME”

  1. korzo Says:

    XML parsing fragile? In JAVA? Write a good XSD and use jaxb in your build process to generate bindings and stubs, and you can marshall and unmarshall the XML like a boss.

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